Traffic Racer Gun Master

Key Features

  1. Smooth and Realistic controls
  2. Stunning 3D graphics
  3. Different environments: Sunny, Rainy, Night etc.
  4. Different Modes : Two way, Time Trial, Free way
  5. 10+ Latest and Sports Cars High Performance racing cars
  6. Auto Speed Ups
  7. Challenging Levels
  8. Play without internet no wifi needed
  9. Multiple Camera modes

Game Play

  • Tilt or Touch to steer
  • Touch Nitro button to accelerate
  • Different Button like Lights, Race , Break, Horn
  • Shoot the cars and truck and destroy it


  • The faster you drive the more score you get
  • When drive over 100kmh then overtake cars closely then gets bonus and cash
  • Driving in opposite direction in two way mode give more cash and scores
  • Use Nitro button to increase your car speed

Best Car Game 2020 Download Now!

The Traffic Racer Gun Shooter is one of the best car shooter game want to play with speedo cars download now and enjoy the car run. If you are a newbie in car racing games and want to become a champion then play this car racing game.

Let’s enjoy your Traffic Racer Gun Shooter!

Short Desc:

Drive, Drift and Shoot to become the master of Traffic Racer Gun Master 2020.

Long Desc:

Traffic racer gun master is a milestone in the genre of endless arcade racing game. Drive your car through highway traffic, shooting targets, earn cash and buy new cars. Are you looking for ultimate excitement and thrilling driving a super car on highway with blazing speed and target shooter, you will have the experience of dodging cars and trucks while you speed up to maximum limit in this traffic racer game. So engulf your fear of extreme car driving and become a marvel driver of car racing game and take the title of Highway King in this limitless extreme fast speedy traffic stunt race. There are different environments and modes in this car racing game drive and drift on new highway roads and collects rewards. Car racing champions can unlock different cars in this free 3D car racing 2020. You can play anywhere and anytime and no need of wifi . Be a best shooter and destroy cars when you are driving highway car racing 

Car Racing Game Modes

  1. Free Mode

Endless car racing mode where you can drive your car freely

  1. Time Trial You can achieve your goal in limited time in this car raceing game
  1. Two Way
  2. Speed Bomb